about us



1.5 million school principals in India lack the skills required to manage schools that prepare children for the real world.

Our Vision

Every child has a strong foundation to think, feel, dream, and drive meaningful change.

Our Mission

Create a movement of empowered educators to innovate and meaningfully make education better for children, now!!!

Who We Are?

Barefoot Edu Foundation is a grassroots organisation founded by a Young India Fellow, Teach for India Fellow and Harvard Graduate who trust in the potential of people. We believe that if we do not rapidly improve education, the largest youth population in the world may grow up to be the largest unemployable population in the world. A country as big and populous as India requires a lot of leaders at the grassroots that are empowered to meaningfully contribute to education right now.

What we do?

Barefoot Edu Foundation helps school leaders set creative paths to climb, circumvent, and knock down obstacles that stand in their way. Sometimes it involves deep diving into the school with a lot of resources and sometimes it involves a simple nudge. At every point during this journey, children and school leaders learn to be entrepreneurial and experimental, and actually make the change that they want to see.

Our team documents all these simple best practices created at the grassroots, in the context within which they were created. We then scale these best practices, tools and resources that we co-create with our community through capacity building of other school leaders and other educators.

“Barefoot” embodies the empathy of being free and unconventional in one’s quest for knowledge while being sensitive to the ground that we trample on.


You have reached the end of our website, but have only just begun the journey of transformation.